Upcoming events

Investing Class #7

How to select the right financial advisor

Mike Finley

Wednesday, May 18th

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Waterloo Library, Conference Room A

Retirement Class #7

Dealing with the home, taxes and getting help

Mike Finley

Thursday, May 19th

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Cedar Falls Community Center

Investing Class #8

Final Recap: Pulling it all together

Mike Finley

Wednesday, May 25th

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Waterloo Library, Conference Room A

Retirement Class #8

Final Recap: The new frontier

Mike Finley

Thursday, May 26th

5:30pm - 7:00pm

Cedar Falls Community Center

There are many more events/classes in the upcoming months. Click below to see the full list, and filter by month or class type if you wish.

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Financial Happine$$

What Color is the Sky


Now What?

Quote of the Week

“Investors, like pilots, operate in a complex environment. The environment occasionally produces moments of stress… The primary cause of investor failure is the behavior of the investors themselves. Many of them are their own worst enemy. To put it bluntly, they haven’t yet learned to resist the overwhelming urge to do stupid things with their money. Investors, like pilots, can benefit from disciplined, rational, and logical thought processes when the pucker factor rises.”


Frank Armstrong III


The Informed Investor

the stamp of approval

If you take control of your life, by taking control of your money, you won’t need this stamp. However, if you are awarded this stamp, you will have been inducted into an exclusive group, known as the FinHeads.

Stuff the lawyer wants me to say: Investing outside a bank or a credit union is not FDIC insured. You may lose the value in the investments you select. All information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is not an offer to buy or sell any of the securities, insurance products, or other products named. Translated: I am not selling anything! Educate yourself, research the information that you learned and finally make the right decisions that will benefit you and your family going forward.

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