Retirement class videos

Retirement Class #1

It is paramount that you identify very clearly all of your portfolio assets and expected fixed income prior to retirement.

Retirement Class #2

How to invest going in and long into retirement is a delicate matter. Wisdom on the issue will set you FREE.

Retirement Class #3

There is smart way to withdraw money in retirement to keep the portfolio growing and reduce the tax bite when possible.

Retirement Class #4

Looking at your insurance needs in retirement is important. What do you need and what don't you need. Education will help you decide.

Retirement Class #5

Understanding and making wise decisions with your Social Security benefits can make a BIG difference. What is your Social Security strategy?

Retirement Class #6

Medicare is a BIG issue as you reach age 65. This is all about making the best decisions with your individual situation.

Retirement Class #7

Housing and taxes are very important issues to deal with as one enters life beyond a job. You have options!

Retirement Class #8

Pulling it all together as you identify your plan, work that plan, and prepare for that wonderful time beyond the world of work.

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Stuff the lawyer wants me to say: Investing outside a bank or a credit union is not FDIC insured. You may lose the value in the investments you select. All information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is not an offer to buy or sell any of the securities, insurance products, or other products named. Translated: I am not selling anything! Educate yourself, research the information that you learned and finally make the right decisions that will benefit you and your family going forward.

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