Find the Right Teachers

Finding the right teachers can make all the difference in the world when it comes to improving your financial situation AND your life. It can feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack as you deal with the noise from television, radio, the internet, etc. This months newsletter is designed to help you find the right teachers along your journey toward financial freedom. Here are my favorites.

Jane Bryant Quinn has been writing about personal finance for decades. She is honest and straightforward with the information she shares. Her books are easy to read and understand. Watch a presentation here. Christine Benz from Morningstar has been wise counsel for many years on the world of money management and retirement. She is honest and knowledgeable. Watch Christine here.

Eric Tyson and Jonathan Clements are great teachers on the many facets of money management. They can help you with your debt, your spending, your saving, your investments and even your life. They are very holistic in the way they teach the average person, helping the individual understand how life is interconnected to your money. Watch Eric Tyson here. Watch Jonathon Clements here.

Michelle Singletary is a wonderful teacher who has done so much to help many who the system has pushed aside. She will entertain as well as educate. Watch Michelle Singletary here. Daniel Solin is another wonderful teacher who cuts right through the CRAP to teach you how the industry works and how you can make the wisest decisions. Watch Daniel Solin here.

Jason Zweig is a personal finance writer who has been a great resource for decades. He helps us understand that the biggest enemy is that person in the mirror. His guidance and teachings are spot on. Watch Jason Zweig here. Ramit Sethi is currently doing great work in helping people understand finances in the 21st century. He cuts through the noise with the facts. Watch Ramit here.

Charles Ellis, Burton Malkiel, Larry Swedroe and William Bernstein are wonderful teachers when it comes to investing your money wisely. They have decades of experience and they can show you what to do and what not to do to grow your wealth over time. Watch Charles Ellis here. Watch Burton Malkiel here. Watch Larry Swedroe here. Finally, watch William Bernstein here.

There are new teachers on the scene that have taken their YouTube channels and reached thousands. Rob Berger does a great job of breaking down what appears to be complicated information into small bite size pieces. Watch Rob here. Tae Kim is a younger version who provides great advise on all matter of personal finance that includes piecing it into living a better life. Watch Tae here.

Rick Ferri is a wonderful teacher that has provided good information to the masses. Rick is a fee only financial advisor and former broker. He believes in your ability to manage your own investments. So do I. Watch him here. Yanely Espanal is an up and comer who does great work in teaching young people about money. Her story is amazing and worth learning about. Watch her here.

A person who has provided sage advise for decades is none other than Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of our generation. Warren is a wise and thoughtful man who provides great advise for the average Joe or Jane. We should not try to be like him, but we certainly should listen to him and his advice. When in doubt, seek guidance from this great investor. Watch Warren Buffett here.

The last teacher has been my teacher and also my hero. That is John Bogle, the guy who created the first publicly traded index fund. He built Vanguard in such a way that it would serve us before the company. He spent his life trying to convince people like you and me that we could become great investors without the help of all of the guru's. He was right and he changed the world. Watch John Bogle here.

Why do I share these great teachers with you? So you don't make the mistakes I made early in life trying to find the answers without knowing where to go and who to learn from. There are more wrong people out there than right people. These are the right people. They will take you down the right path that leads to a better financial situation AND a better life. It's that simple.

Let's wrap this up. There is an old saying, "Show me your hero's and I will show you your future." The goal is to find the right people as early in life as possible and then spend your days continually learning and growing from those people. Learn all you can. Change your life. Go back and help others. You end up walking along their path until you are prepared and ready to walk your path. Onward!

Stuff the lawyer wants me to say: Investing outside a bank or a credit union is not FDIC insured. You may lose the value in the investments you select. All information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is not an offer to buy or sell any of the securities, insurance products, or other products named. Translated: I am not selling anything! Educate yourself, research the information that you learned and finally make the right decisions that will benefit you and your family going forward.

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